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The Minuteman Challenge

Today we have a big challenge for you guys to watch on Can She Take It. Competing we have Jayden James and Robyn Truelove. Both have incredible bodies and big tits you just want to stick your cock in between. Their challenge? To make their man cum first. The first one to make the cock […]

No One Lives Like Jayden Fuckin’ James

There is no pornstar like Jayden James. She loves to fuck rockstars, just because she can, she loves guns, and she loves trying to tame two cocks at once. Not only that, she is just so fucking hot. Those big tits, and that gorgeous bubble butt. In this scene from Day With A Pornstar, she […]

Jayden James Swims for the Cock

In this new scene from Can She Take It, Jayden James competes on CockFactor, to win the prize that all women covet: the Mofos Cock. In this challenge they have to swim to the bottom of the pool and pick up as many dildos as they can in just one breath of air. Jayden shows […]