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Employee of the Month

Missy Stone works at a diner thats in the middle of butt fuck egypt. Its been slow all day but she finally gets a customer who orders the special. She fixes him up a plate, along with a side of tight teen pussy. To see the full scene, click HERE.

Toke It Up

Jessica Right is hot teen with a sexy body who is very 420 friendly. While working part time at a Cannabis Club shop, she gets a customer hoping to buy some dank ass chronic because it enhances his and his girl’s sex drive, but was denied a card. Jessica wanted proof, so she sparks up […]

Always Pleasing the Customer

Kiera King is at one of the stores in the mall visiting a friend. She watches the store while she goes in the back to do inventory. Kiera goofs around with the displays when a customer walks in. Even though she didn’t even work there, she was more than happy to try to help this […]