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Pornstar Idol

On this episode of Can She Take It, we have three of America’s hottest nymphos on Pornstar Idol. When Tatum Pierce steps up to the stage to show off her stuff, she mentions that she loves fucking, its her life and its who she is. The judges vote her in as the winner and present […]

Workin’ the Night Shift

Alexia Skye works the night shift at a movie theater, she hates it though because she’s usually the only one working the shift. One night after the last movie lets out, she goes to see if all the theaters are clear. When she finds that theres a janitor working that night, she begs him to […]

Toke It Up

Jessica Right is hot teen with a sexy body who is very 420 friendly. While working part time at a Cannabis Club shop, she gets a customer hoping to buy some dank ass chronic because it enhances his and his girl’s sex drive, but was denied a card. Jessica wanted proof, so she sparks up […]