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MILF Training Program

This hot nympho milf is Cherokee. She has an amazing body with big tits, and a firm bubble butt that she loves to keep in shape, so she starts a new regiment with her trainer that was made just for her milf body. He stretches her out in all the right places, he even stretches […]

Homewreckin’ Maid

Sativa Rose is a hard working maid, struggling to stay above water in a sinking economy. Luckily she has a boss that’s willing to help relieve all the stress this situation could bring. Sure it means him cheating on his wife and her becoming a homewrecker but at least she and her sweet juicy pussy […]

Take Your Pick: Beer, Bong, Or Pussy

I’ve never seen so many people faded and jaded. Beer and liquor flowing throughout the house, some spliffs being passed around, and pussy being pounded. In this scene from College Bash there ain’t one person who isn’t either high or horny. Holly Fox was going crazy while getting fucked by a hard cock. We also […]

Memphis is the Next Contestant on The Cock Is Right

Man I love big tits! If you love big tits as much as I do, then you definitely need to check out the this blond bombshell, Memphis Monroe. In this scene from Can She Take It, Memphis, along with 3 other girls, compete on The Cock Is Right. She ends up winning a bed, but […]

Jayden James Swims for the Cock

In this new scene from Can She Take It, Jayden James competes on CockFactor, to win the prize that all women covet: the Mofos Cock. In this challenge they have to swim to the bottom of the pool and pick up as many dildos as they can in just one breath of air. Jayden shows […]