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Pornstar Idol

On this episode of Can She Take It, we have three of America’s hottest nymphos on Pornstar Idol. When Tatum Pierce steps up to the stage to show off her stuff, she mentions that she loves fucking, its her life and its who she is. The judges vote her in as the winner and present […]

Bar Maid Wants to Get Laid

Faye Valentine is a hot redhead working the St. Patty’s shift at a local bar. The place is practically dead due to the bar across the street providing free strippers. Faye decides to make things interesting and tells the patrons there for every shot they take, she’ll take one. Soon she gets thrashed and starts […]

Hot Crazy Sluts Party Hard

Another big blowout where slutty coeds can gather, get crazy, get horny, and fuck. In this scene from College Bash, Karmen Kennedy was looking for a cock to fuck right when she walked in the place. She got that shit nailed hard while everyone was watching the action and capturing it on camera. To see […]

Plea Bargain

Francesca Le is hotshot lawyer who has to defend a dick chopping psychopath. Knowing she has no chance against the evidence, she decides to try to go for a plea bargain. But the prosecution doesn’t want to give an easy win, so the defense decides to use her big tits and cock sucking skills to […]

A Day With Delta

Delta White had some time off from shooting and filming, so she let a camera follow her around so we could see what she liked to do on her time off. After a bit of time at the tattoo and piercing shop, she and a friend of hers decide to head back to her place […]

Big Booty At The Pool

Sara Lopez is out drinking by the pool with a friend when a guy comes in that catches her interest. They call him over to their table, and Sara doesn’t hide the fact that she wants to fuck him. The two end up back at her place where she gives him a nice sloppy blowjob, […]

Slip-n-Slide Fuck

Britney Stevens is the new contestant on Can She Take It, and today she’s competing in the Extreme Slip n Slide competition. The objective is to slide down the slip n slide onto a cock thats at the end. The girl who slides the furthest into it gets the grand prize: a hard cock to […]

Workin’ the Night Shift

Alexia Skye works the night shift at a movie theater, she hates it though because she’s usually the only one working the shift. One night after the last movie lets out, she goes to see if all the theaters are clear. When she finds that theres a janitor working that night, she begs him to […]

College Coed Orgy

Alcohol can make people do crazy things. From dialing every contact in your cell to making girls get crazy, horny, and fucked. In this scene from College Bash, there were bitches all over the place getting hella crazy and hella horny. To guys there kept the party patrons entertained by fucking the shit out of […]

Orgy Party

Jessica Moore is maid who’s bosses are getting ready to go on vacation. She promised them that she wouldn’t have any company over, but as soon as they took off, she called up all her girlfriends and some guys over for a party, and soon everybody was fucking everybody. To see the full scene, click […]