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Hot Crazy Sluts Party Hard

Another big blowout where slutty coeds can gather, get crazy, get horny, and fuck. In this scene from College Bash, Karmen Kennedy was looking for a cock to fuck right when she walked in the place. She got that shit nailed hard while everyone was watching the action and capturing it on camera. To see […]

College Coed Orgy

Alcohol can make people do crazy things. From dialing every contact in your cell to making girls get crazy, horny, and fucked. In this scene from College Bash, there were bitches all over the place getting hella crazy and hella horny. To guys there kept the party patrons entertained by fucking the shit out of […]

Gettin It On On THe Dance Floor

This party was rockin’! We had hot college girls all over the place getting crazy, stupid, and horny as fuck. One group of girls could stop groping and humping each other on the dance floor. Sierra Skye started stripping in front of everyone and was giving a guy a nice titty fuck before he decides […]

Party Favors and Blowjobs

How the police weren’t called to this party is a damn mystery because shit was going crazy everywhere. Melanie Jayne, Nikki Vixon, and Roxy Night were all over each other most of the night. The one girl broke off from the threesome so she could find a cock to suck, and the other two continued […]

Slutty Coed Jello Wrestling

Nothing says party like alcohol, weed, and naked girls running all over the place. In this scene from College Bash, everybody is getting their drink on when they go to the guest house to watch Kaci Starr, Brittany Angel, and Nikki Sky get it on in a pool of jello. Later these sticky girls wash […]

Bash For The Horny Bitches

Don’t you just love it when you walk into a party and you see a handful of crazy and horny coeds parading around naked? I sure do, especially when they’re looking for a hard cock to fuck. Nataly Rosa found one in one of the bedrooms, ready to be sucked. To see the full scene, […]

Look At All Them College Ho’s

How could you not have a good time at this party? They had all the alcohol you could drink, all the dancing your feet can handle and all the crazy ho’s you could fuck. In this scene from College Bash we had a bunch of crazy ho’s getting crazy and wanting some dick. Jessica Blade […]

We’re Here To Rock The Party All Night Long

This fuckin’ party was so fuckin’ awesome! Hot girls came from all over to get crazy and let loose… a lot. In this scene from College Bash things are going crazy on the dance floor. Everyone starts feeling up Nikki Jaymes, which got her horny enough to strip and find a cock to fuck right […]

Check Out This Crazy House Party

YEAH!! This party was bumpin’! Everybody was crazy, getting down on the dance floor, and partying hard. Nicole Banks was having such a good time, she started walking around topless with her ass hanging out of her shorts. She sucked and fucked some lucky patron in front of everybody. In one of the bedrooms, Hailey […]

How About Some Poolside Poontang

Pool parties are always off the chain man! Hot girls everywhere in their skimpy ass bikinis getting crazy and wanting to get fucked. In this scene from College Bash, not second went by without some crazy ass ho flashing her naughty bits. All of them were getting freaky with each other, it was great. Victoria […]