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Entries for December, 2008

Burger Joint Blowjob – Eden Adams

Gotta love a li’l lunchtime lust! In this scene from Teens at Work, Eden Adams is an employee at MOFOS Burger. She takes a little too long to serve a customer and decides to make it up to him by giving him a blowjob and letting him fuck her brains out. For the full movie, […]

Gotta Love Girls Wrestling in Chocolate Syrup

This party looked off the hook! In this scene from College Bash, sex is everywhere. We catch a hot blonde getting some hardcore loving in one of the bedrooms, and another hot slut getting dicked in the garage. The best part comes when all the hos at the party get into it in a pool […]

Carmel Moore Takes Us to the Supermarket

It is always interesting to see the day in the life of a pornstar. In this scene from A Day With A Pornstar, we get to see the day-to-day of Carmel Moore. We catch her on lounge chair in the backyard, giving her big round tits some time in the sun. Then she goes to […]

Jayden James Swims for the Cock

In this new scene from Can She Take It, Jayden James competes on CockFactor, to win the prize that all women covet: the Mofos Cock. In this challenge they have to swim to the bottom of the pool and pick up as many dildos as they can in just one breath of air. Jayden shows […]

Riley Ray and Melanie Jayne Are Very Slutty Landscapers

Damn, these have got to be the hottest landscapers ever. In this scene from Teens At Work, Riley Ray and Melanie Jayne were hired for a new landscaping job. When the owner of the house saw these two in their tight tanktops and short-shorts, he just couldn’t resist. To see these two landscapers work their […]

Crista Moore Goes Wild at a Pool Party

Man, oh man don’t you just love a good pool party? Liquor all over the place, a cool pool to take a dip in, and smokin’ hot bikini girls all over wanting a good fuck. Well this scene from College Bash has just that. Crista Moore is a busty blonde bombshell who’s bikini top could […]

Just Another Regular Day with Sienna West

Sienna West lets us take a look into her life in this scene from Day With A Pornstar. First she took us for a dip in the jacuzzi, where she gave us an awesome strip show. Her showing off that sexy body of hers turned her on so much that she started rubbing her pussy […]

Mason Moore Wins the Big Cock

In this scene from Can She Take It, Mason Moore competes in CockFactor to win the big prize: A huge cock plowing deep into her pussy. Mason does everything she can to win, from showing off those big round tits, to shoving that cock down her throat. To see who wins the competition, go to […]

Veronique Vega Has A Little Ice Cream

Veronique Vega is an ice cream vendor who is making a killing in sales in this scene from Teens At Work. Of course it probably helps to have a pretty face, a nice body and your round tight booty hanging out of your shorts. Hoping to satisfy one of her customers she brings him to […]

Jaclyn Case and Andrea Anderson Love an Audience

Man oh man there is nothing like a good house party to take the edge off. Especially when two college sluts get pounded right there in the middle of the party. Jaclyn Case and Andrea Anderson both get fucked in front of a live audience at this College Bash. Jaclyn and her big tits get […]